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City Palace

Famous for: History, Architecture, and Photography

Opening Timing: Open all days (9:30 am to 5:30 pm)

Duration: 1-2 hours

About City Palace

Built by Maharana Jagat Singh II in the 16th century, it was later additions and modifications by successive rulers that led to its present form. It is now one of the principal tourist attractions of Udaipur and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with other monuments in the city

History of City Palace:

The historical backdrop of the royal residence is attached to that of the Mewar realm, which had arrived at its statures close to the region of Nagda. The realm's originator was Guhil, who laid out the Maharana strength in the year 568 AD. Consequently, his replacement Maharana Uday Singh II acquired the Mewar realm at Chittor in 1537, yet the danger of failing to keep a grip on the realm to the Mughals constrained him to move the money to an area close to Lake Pichola. This palace is a major attraction for many tourists from across the world. Udaipur was overwhelmed by the Mughals yet was gotten back to Maharana Pratap's child after Akbar's passing.

Fly into the City Palace Udaipur and be mesmerized by the beauty and splendor in this place. With royalties in its history, it is amazing to look at these structures that still stand today as an embodiment of grandeur. The expanding offenses by the Marathas constrained Maharana Bhim Singh to sign a settlement with the British, tolerating their assurance. The royal residence was influenced quite a bit by Indian autonomy in 1947 and the Mewar Kingdom was converged with majority rule India in 1949.

The architecture of City Palace Udaipur

The principal veneer of the City Palace is an amazing striking sight, with tallness of around 244 meters and 30.4 meters in width. An exceptional element of this castle is that it is homogeneous in the plan and development of its many constructions, attributable to the way that numerous increments were made to it throughout the normal process of things working out. Worked out of stone and marble, the insides of the royal residence are luxuriously adorned with complex mirror work, marble-work, wall paintings, divider artistic creations, silver-work, decorate work, and shaded glass. Rich overhangs, tall pinnacles, and domes add one more shade to the construction of the complex. An enticing perspective on the city should be visible from the porch of the castle.

Inside, the City Palace is a maze of long passages that are planned in order to keep away from shock assaults by adversaries. There is an excellent Jagdish temple at the entry of the sublime castle. It is trailed by a Bari Pol or the large door that drives the way to the patio which thusly prompts the Tripoli or the triple entryway. The city palace houses different rich condos disregarding the whole perspective on the city. The Raj Angan, which implies regal yard, is the most seasoned piece of the complex and was worked by Maharana Uday Singh. The City Palace has 11 great royal residences and a large portion of these is transformed into displays now. Amar Vilas is the most elevated place of the castle where you can see draping gardens with wellsprings, pinnacles, and porches.

What should be done at City Palace
  • Take a visit through City Palace.
  • Visit the City Palace Museum (charges discrete).
  • Partake in a grand perspective near Lake Pichola.

Lake Pichola

Renowned for: Nature, Photography.

Opening Timings: Open the entire day until dusk.

Duration: 1-2 hours.

About Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola is one of the many lakes created by King Porus to surround and defend his city from enemies. This particular lake was created by damming the stream which presently runs along the northern flank of the City Palace. The Lake has been enlarged by a canal on its southern bank brought from the southwest corner of the palace garden.

The lake was created in 1362 after an increase in the level of the nearby Pichola River caused a breach in the city walls, which were then rebuilt to enclose the lake. The resulting large body of water became known as the Lake of Pichola. It was further expanded by a dam built across its neck in 1646 and a large bathing ghāṭ (step-well) was constructed within it that provided clean drinking water and also served as a community gathering place, temple, market, and tourist sight throughout history.

What should be done at Lake Pichola
  • Boat riding during dusk.
  • Visit the nearby attractions like Lake Palace and Lake Garden Palace.
  • Walk around the pathways.

Lake Palace

Well known for History, Weddings, and Photography.

Opening Timings: Open throughout the days.

Duration: 1-2 hours.

About Lake Palace

Lake Palace is a majestic and picturesque architectural wonder. Built on the shores of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, the lakeside palace is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1983. A true monument to Rajputana architecture, it exudes both opulence and grandeur at every bend.

Some of the most culturally rich artifacts are housed at the palace. Lake Palace is a popular attraction in the Indian state of Rajasthan, a paradise for bird-watchers and nature-lovers. Nestled away in Udaipur City, Lake Palace is a fascinating example of architectural variety featuring the romance of history and culture.

What Should Be Done Approach Lake Palace
  • Have an extravagant feast in the numerous eateries.
  • Boat Ride in Lake Pichola.
  • A visit through this memorable legacy site.
  • Visit the close by Jagdish temple close by.
  • Partake in the dusk at the close by Lake Fateh Sagar.

Lake Garden Palace

Popular for: History, Architecture, and Photography.

Opening Timings: Open throughout the days.

Duration: 1-2 hours.

About Lake Garden Palace

The Jag Mandir Palace — in English, "Shrine of Victory" — sits atop a small hill overlooking the holy city of Udaipur and Lake Pichola. It was built in 1746, becoming the palace of Maharana Jagat Singh II and his successors for over a hundred years.

The building is in the Rajput style, with decorations that show a blend of Hindu and Muslim architectural styles. A progression of amazing designs gives this royal residence a magnificent vibe and would charm any guest.

What should be done at Lake Garden Palace
  • Visit the blossom garden.
  • Boat Ride in Lake Pichola.
  • Relish Rajasthani cooking at the Darikhana eatery.
  • Visit the exhibition hall in the complex.
  • Visit the close by City Palace.

Vintage Car Museum

Popular for: History, Automobiles, Photography.

Opening Timings: Open the entire day (9 am to 9 pm).

Duration: 45 min.

About Vintage Car Museum

If you're looking for something exciting outside the city, try a tour of the Vintage Car Museum located about 26 km outside Udaipur. The museum houses more than 150 vintage cars having majority of them being old Indian classics.

Visit this interesting museum to know its history and get a sneak peek into the lives of yesteryear's rich who owned some stunning automobiles. The Vintage Car Museum in Udaipur will give you an opportunity to own one such vintage car that would absolutely suit your budget.

What should be done approach Royal Vintage Car Museum
  • Have conventional Rajasthani thali at the Garden Hotel.
  • One-of-a-kind vehicle visit.
  • Visit the close by Gulab Bagh.

Bagore Ki Haveli

Renowned for: History, Architecture, Photography.

Opening Timings: Open the entire day (10 am to 6:30 pm).

Duration: 1-2 hours.

About Bagore Ki Haveli

Bagore ki haveli located in Bikaner city of Rajasthan, is a beautiful 4 storeyed mansion that reflects the old world charm and splendor of the royal patronage. Bagore ki Haveli has 100% pure Rajasthani architecture with intricate carvings on its wooden ceiling, with cute balconies and open spaces. The historical center presents the way of life of Mewar.

The antique assortments incorporate the stuff utilized by Rajputs, for example, adornments boxes, hand fans, copper vessels, etc. The monstrous structure has more than 100 rooms and looks unbelievable with its special style of engineering. At the point when you are there, ensure you introduce yourself for the shows directed here in the night.

What Should be done at Bagore Ki Haveli
  • Visit the exhibition hall in the haveli.
  • Witness the melodic and people dance shows.
  • Get a show at theater ground.
  • Partake in a puppetry show paying attention to classic stories.
  • View the lovely dusk.
  • Search for handiworks, keepsakes, and different fine arts.

Saheliyon Ki Bari

Well known for: History, Architecture, Photography, Gardens.

Opening Timings: Open the entire day (8 am to 8 pm).

Duration: 45 min.

About Saheliyon Ki Bari

Saheliyon ki bari is the queen of gardens. It is one of the biggest historical places to visit in the city of Udaipur. The beautiful garden with a waterfall on top has owers and water fountains strategically placed in such that it looks like each step going down to the main garden is a step closer to heaven.

The garden actually fills its need in numerous ways and individuals arrive at this spot to get away from the disorder of the city.

What should be done at Saheliyon Ki Bari
  • Stroll through the nurseries.
  • Visit the gallery.
  • Have dinner at the multi-cuisine restaurant, 1559 AD.

Jagdish Temple

Well known for: Pilgrimage, History, Architecture, Photography.

Opening Timings: Open the entire day (4:15 am to 1 pm and 5:15 pm to 8 pm).

Duration: 45 min.

About Jagdish Temple

Jagdish temple is religious place that is always crowded by people who comes here to worship or to do their worshipping activities. This temple was built in the year 1951 and it is the pleasure of this temple that it has all the contemporary things that are required for good and perfect kind of worshiping.

An expected 1.5 million INR was spent on this staggering Indo-Aryan design wonder. This temple ought to be visited not exclusively to offer your dedication yet, in addition, to observe delightful divider carvings, elephant figures, and dazzling engineering.

What should be done at Saheliyon Ki Bari
  • Stroll through the nurseries.
  • Visit the gallery.
  • Have dinner at the multi-cuisine restaurant, 1559 AD.


Renowned for: Shopping, Photography, Village life.

Opening Timings: Open the entire day (11 am to 7 pm).

Duration: 2-3 hours.

About Shilpgram

Set up in around 70 sections of land and arranged in the lap of Aravali ranges, Shilpgram is a country expressions and specialties complex set up to advance the customary expressions and artworks of Rajasthan.

It gives work to numerous country experts and is a focal point of numerous social celebrations that are coordinated here consistently. One more fascination here is an outdoors Amphi theater that gives the middle stage to numerous workmanship celebrations. Visit Shilpgram to encounter the straightforwardness of town life, go to craftsmanship or dance grandstands and shop however much you might want.

What Should Be Done At Shilpgram
  • Eat at the Shilpi café.
  • Shop at the Rural Arts and Crafts Complex.
  • Visit two exhibition halls close to the shopping complex.
  • Enjoy theater, workmanship, or dance exhibits at the Amphi theater.
  • Visit the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary close by.

Moti Magri

Renowned for: Gardens, History, Architecture, Photography.

Opening Timings: Open the entire day (9 am to 6 pm).

Duration: 0.5- 1 hour

About Moti Magri

It is situated on a peak sitting above Fateh Sagar lake and furthermore offers some truly excellent post focuses to the close-by lakes as well as of Udaipur. Visit Moti Magri to know the staggering tradition of occasions related to Maharana Pratap and get a few truly shocking perspectives.

Moti Magri Udaipur is one of the biggest tourist spots of Udaipur city in Rajasthan. Moti Magri is a historical place surrounded by many small hills that makes a great view of the scenery and also add to the beauty of Udaipur city. This place is located in the suburb area of the City and is easily approachable from all parts of the city.

What Should Be Done Around Moti Magri
  • Visit the Moti Mahal gallery.
  • Partake in the Light and Sound Show in the evening.
  • Visit the Japanese Rock Garden.
  • Visit the close by Fateh Sagar Lake and Swaroop Sagar Lake.

SajjanGarh (Monsoon Palace), Udaipur

Well known For History, Architecture, Esthetic excellence

Visiting time: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM (Daily)

Time: 60 minutes.

About SajjanGarh

SajjanGarh, or Monsoon Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan is one among an extensive rundown of sublime landmarks in this district that exhibits its sparkling imperial past.

It is underlying white, with vaults at the top for building interest, and offers a perspective on the mists that are matched by a couple of different areas all over. It is located at the highest point of slopes, giving a radiant vista of miles around.

It was utilized as a private house of the past imperial lines and was named after the renowned Indian lord Maharana Pratap. There had been discussion of going it to cosmic endeavors and is currently controlled by the Forest Authorities. It has a place with the native Mewar Royal Dynasty. It is incomparable for photography, particularly at nightfall.

Intriguing Facts And Trivia About Monsoon Palace
  • The entire structure is nine stories tall altogether.
  • The landmark has been highlighted in worldwide media, most prevalently in the James Bond film Octopussy as the residence of an Afghan Prince.
  • The possibility of it as a stargazing society focus must be dropped in light of the fact that the forebear of the thought kicked the bucket before it could really be completed.
  • The development began late into the nineteenth century.
  • It is decked each night in pixie lights.

Jaisamand Lake

Timings : 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Time Required: 2-3 hrs

Additionally Referred As Dhebar Lake

About Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur

Jaisamand Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Udaipur. It is a man-made lake and was built in the 1600s. It is surrounded by stunning views and is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary is home to an assortment of interesting creatures and transient birds encircle it. The late spring royal residences of Queens of Udaipur additionally structure an excellent setting. Arranged in consistently delightful environmental factors, it is a spot to celebrate. The sanctuary is confirmation that individuals of Mewar were aware of their love ceremonies.

Jaisamand Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Udaipur. It is a man-made lake and was built in the 1600s. It is surrounded by stunning views and is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary is home to an assortment of interesting creatures and transient birds encircle it. The late spring royal residences of Queens of Udaipur additionally structure an excellent setting. Arranged in consistently delightful environmental factors, it is a spot to celebrate. The sanctuary is confirmation that individuals of Mewar were aware of their love ceremonies.

History of Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake ( Udaipur ), this name itself is the best introduction for this famous lake in India. In local language, the word ‘Jaisamand’ means a stone that resembles a diamond. This unique name of the beautiful place came quickly as it was constructed by Neemrana prince Jaisamand by digging 25000 skilled workers and 86 elephants. This place has both natural beauty as well as artificial beauty. As yellow marble and polished stones are used here in a great extent which gives a sparkling effect to the area.

Eklingji Temple

Timings : Morning: 4:30 AM - 7:00 AM, 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM,

Evening: 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

About Eklingji Temple, Udaipur

Tourist can visit temple easily to know about Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvathi, who is the main deity of the Eklingji temple. Some interesting things about the temple are that it is located on top of a high hill, which is known as Shri Kailash Parbat, and that are two other temples on either side of Temple of Ekalinga.

The Eklingji Temple, a marvel of might and magnificence, is a superlative example of dedicated craftsmanship. Streams of devotees throng this temple in a never-ending tide, thus furnishing a distinct identity to the shine. Catering to the exigencies of visitor’s round-the-year, the Eklingji Temple is equipped with all amenities.

Sajjangarh Biological Park

Timings : Winter: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Summer: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Shut on Tuesday

About Sajjangarh Biological Park

The Sajjangarh Biological Park around 4km from Udaipur, Rajasthan is arranged in the lower regions of the Sajjangarh Palace that is otherwise called the Monsoon Palace. It is a zoological nursery known to house more than 21 types of creatures and birds including panthers, lions, bog crocodiles, blackbucks, ostriches, and so forth.

They are totally kept inside walled-in areas and can be spotted by guests on their stroll around the recreation area. To deal with the fauna, there is a Zoo Hospital and a Nutrition Center in the vicinity. Guests can likewise settle on a golf truck visit through the significant courses of the zoological park or lease a cycle for something similar. One can have some time off from investigating by holding up at a rest stop or grabbing a bite from the container offices.

Bharatiya Lok Kala Museum

It is among the most socially significant foundations of the City of Lakes and home to various social items and antiquities that bear demonstration of the rich legacy of the Mewari district.

It is important for the Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, which has an extensive foundation including an exhibition place, a scholarly community for exploration and documentation, and a specialty preparing focus.

The instructional hub runs after giving better-specialized information to the neighborhood craftsmen as well as the overall students so they can expand their use without compromising with their creative abilities.

The puppetry unit of Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal surely merits notice in such a manner, as it has made an excellent showing of keeping this 2000-year old workmanship alive to individuals. There isn't just a manikin execution focus organizing normal shows however there are likewise puppetry instructional classes for youngsters and grown-ups.

Bada Mahal

Bada Mahal means Big Palace in Rajasthani language and that pretty much sums it up. The royal palace in Udaipur, India is a big and imposing structure that has managed to stand the test of time. The walls are painted blue and over twenty-four lotus-shaped turrets mark the corners. The main palace building is situated at the highest spot of the city on the backside of Pichola Lake.

One of the finest palaces in Udaipur is famous for its architecture and lovely detailing of the architecture. This palace has the best interior design point of view and development. Each and every corner of the building is something you can watch with great delight.

The Udaipur Palace popularly known as Bada Mahal is situated in the middle of the city at the bank of lake Pichola. This palace has come up by Maharana Bhim Singh after conquering some nearby areas to it. Now this palace is a symbol of strength and grandeur that is traceable in its beautiful architecture.

Haldi Ghati

HaldiGhati Udaipur is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Rajasthan. India’s gorgeous land, which comes with a whole lot of color variance, cultural variety and much more, has a long-standing cultural heritage.

With numerous races and sub-races, India’s cultural heritage is as varied as it is colorful. To explore this beauty, travelers have to travel across the country and visit many places, which is often not feasible. Thus to enjoy the beauty of Indian culture in an easier manner, Udaipur is a gateway.

Haldighati witnessed an immense battle between Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar and Raja Man Singh of Amber.

Incomparable war scene, prized officers’ valorous acts, and red shading soil painted by blood make a guest perspiration. Maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak were the legends of the Haldighati battle. Besides unadulterated white marble cenotaph is dedicated to gracious Chetak.

Badi Lake

Ideal as a famous excursion spot, Badi Lake additionally brags of complete harmony and serenity as it is without the standard traveler swarm. The lake is additionally great for a dip and there are a few stands (shamiana) introduced along the dikes that are intended for individuals to plunk down and unwind.

There is additionally a peak called 'Bahubali' close to the Badi Lake that is a significant fascination at the spot. Considered generally ideal to invest some quality energy with yourself or in the organization, the slope is most popular for the glimmering dawn and dusk sees.

Trip to Bahubali at Badi Lake

One of the most difficult parts about planning a holiday is deciding which places to visit. If you book an organized tour, you may end up with only the major destinations. However, if you plan it by yourself, you may end up visiting less-known but fantastic places.

There is a crocodile-like peak, this slope is called Bahubali, and you can reach here by a short trip that is acquiring a ton of force and prominence in the traveler circle of late. During the excursion, it is advisable not to take young children along. Begin this excursion by taking the right turn coming from the lake. You can move toward "Quietness Resort" except if you observe a tin shop and a sanctuary across it. The left redirection from the tin shop can take you to the ridge.

Maharana Pratap Memorial

This is one of the renowned, relaxed locales in Udaipur. The sculpture is emblematic in light of the fact that it recounts an account of boldness and devotion and profound love among people and creatures. Both Maharana Pratap and Chetak are the saints of this story.

Aside from this sculpture, the commemoration likewise has sculptures of different individuals from Pratap's court like Hakim Khan Sur, Bhamashah, Bhilu Raja, and Jhalaman. The dedications are set in the finished Japanese Rock Garden. You can go for a lovely walk around the whole nursery, stretch your legs, and peer down from Moti Magri to the city around you. The remaining parts of an old Udaipur Fort close by are an additional fascination with the all-around pleasant scene.

Photographic artists, ensure your batteries are charged and your center is set since you will take a lot of pictures around here. They make simply phone calls for them. Early morning or evening is a fun opportunity to visit the dedication. Try not to burn evening heat and assuming you go in the evening, you get to watch the light and sound show as well. A mutually advantageous arrangement and Udaipur traveler places.